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At 9 years old, Thomas was first introduced to the classical guitar by Guy Cuyvers. This would be his biggest influence and mentor for many years. As his student, he graduated from the AMWD in Mortsel near Antwerp with greatest distinction in 2016. He acquired a strong foundation in classical guitar but he also had an interest in improvisation and also took classes with Robert Denies. He complemented his training with summer courses and masterclasses. At the age of 19, Thomas moved to Granada to learn to play flamenco guitar. He learned from many locals but his greatest mentor was the great master Jéronimo Maya. It is in Granada that Thomas became an esteemed flamenco player and improviser. Playing with many people from different types of music, Thomas became a musician with a broad canvas. He never stopped playing classical guitar and found many ways to have the different styles of music complement each other. In 2020, Thomas was enrolled in the Luca School of Arts as a student with Aram van Ballaert. Aram guided Thomas more in developing his style. From then on, Thomas started to dedicate a lot of time to composing. His first CD “El Mundo de Thomas” consists of his own classical and flamenco compositions. It has been greatly appreciated by a wide variety of people.