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Interactive. Fun. Efficient.

Correct practice makes perfect! Synchronized music scores and audio/video content will make your practice sessions enjoyable and effective.

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Composed by Francisco Tárrega

Performed by Denis Azabagić

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Why Interlude?


Synchronized Scores

Easily listen to what is behind every measure of the music


Effective Tools

Avoid bad practice that creates bad habits. Use the right tools to benefit from every practice session


Easy Access

Access your music scores on any device with an internet connection


You got the touch. You got the power.

Cut right to the chase. Go to any measure in the music with the touch of a finger.

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Zero in on problem areas

With a couple of taps / clicks, repeat any passage that has been keeping you back.

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Call up the teacher

Don't waste time looking for a single point in an hour‑long video. Efficient and to‑the‑point instructions are available where you need them, when you need them.

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Take your time

Slow things down and take a close look at how it is done.

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