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Roland Dyens shared the joy of his musical talent through his performing, composing and teaching across the world. Dyens’ concerts unfolded as personal experiences of emotional awakening for the audience. Inspired by the musical unity demonstrated in his concerts, audience members would often later use the impact of the artist’s virtuosity and creativity to guide own perception of music and, more broadly, their lives as well. Roland Dyens had a sensitive and colorful approach to the guitar- an unfailing open-mindedness which brings together all forms of music to each and every one of his programs. His stage presence, his improvised openings and unique relationship with the listeners undeniably positioned him at the forefront of guitar performers. His music has been an integral part of the instrument’s repertoire. His compositions and arrangements are widely performed and highly acclaimed throughout the world. Roland Dyens left this world on October 29, 2016. Roland Dyens in the Skaï, a non-profit created in 2018, aims to preserve the musical legacy of guitarist / composer / interpreter Roland Dyens, to collect all relevant documents, and to promote his musical oeuvre.