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Classical guitarist Rodrigo Benitez Vargas studied music at the Instituto Superior de Bellas Artes ISBA. He is the Academic Director and Professor of the Municipal Conservatory "Agustin Pío Barrios" of San Juan Bautista, Misiones. He also works as a teacher in the Pu Rory Ensemble directed by Berta Rojas, in the "Agustín Barrios" Conservatory of the IMA Instituto Municipal de Arte, Asunción, in the School of Leadership of Sonidos de la Tierra, and in the San Roque Academy. As a soloist, he has performed at festivals and concerts in different countries such as Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, and Paraguay. He is also a member and founder of the "MbarakaTrío" with whom he has released the albums "En el Paraná" (2015) and "Ahendú nde Sapukai" (2022)