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Máximo Diego Pujol (Buenos Aires, 1957) graduated in the Juan José Castro Conservatory with the Superior Guitar Professor title. His vast formation includes instrumental and interpretation studies with Mæstros Alfredo Vicente Gascón, Horacio Ceballos, Antonio de Raco, Miguel Ángel Girollet, Abel Carlevaro, Leo Brouwer, and harmony and composition studies with Mæstro Leónidas Arnedo. He has been rewarded with numerous first prizes and distinctions, both as a performer and as a composer. He is permanently convoked to participate in America, Europe and Oceania in Series and Festivals dedicated to his instrument to give concerts, masterclasses and conduct workshops. Since 1995, he is professor in guitar at the Buenos Aires Superior Conservatory of Music Manuel de Falla. Pujol works are inspired by the musical heritage of his native Argentina, especially from the music forms of the Río de la Plata. His extensive production has enriched remarkably the repertoire for the guitar and has gained the respect and the acknowledgment of the music world. His works are published in Europe, Canada and United States and are performed and recorded by guitarists and chamber & orchestral groups all around the world.