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Winner of the Miguel Llobet, Zarautz (Spain) and Cesar Cortinas (Uruguay) competitions, he was the last direct student of the eminent Uruguayan Maestro Abel Carlevaro. He has also been trained by Gentaro Takada (Bolivia), Eliot Fisk (USA) and Eduardo Fernández (Uruguay). Marcos graduated from the Montevideo Conservatory as a Guitar Teacher (under Mario Payssé), with two postgraduate degrees in Spanish music at the Barcelona´s Liceum Conservatory (under Guillem Pérez-Quer). Additionally, Marcos has a bachelor’s degree in pedagogy from the Bolivian Ballivian University. Marcos Puña has given concerts across the Americas and Europe, and currently has 12 CDs. He has had works dedicated to him by Máximo Pujol, Gunther Vilar, and Arnaldo Savegnago. He has arranged works of composers such as Eduardo Caba and Marilde Casazola, and written the book “The evolution of the Guitar Technique.” Currently, he is head of the Guitar Department at the National Conservatory of Music (La Paz), is active giving online lessons with his Virtual School of Classical Guitar, and is artistic director of the La Paz International Guitar Meeting and the Cochabamba International Guitar Biennial. He plays with a guitar made by the Argentine luthier Omar Pannunzio and is a Royal Classics strings artist (Spain).