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In his dual role as composer and artist, Juan Falú is a cornerstone of Argentinean folk music. He obtained the prestigious National Music Award since 2000 to 2010, and has been named "outstanding artist" repeatedly by the music press in Argentina. His music for guitar recreates the freshness and inventiveness of Argentinean folk rhythms, and many of his songs are already established within the repertoire of the most outstanding Argentinean folk musicians. As an interpreter, Juan Falú employs his vast knowledge of the different Argentinean folk rhythms, and displays an innate command of the artistry of improvisation. Add to this combination his natural charisma, and you have a recital in which each song is delivered in a unique form. In reference to his improvisational skills, he has received praise from different musicians. The accomplished classical guitarist Eduardo Fernandez has called him "a real time composer." He has toured North, Central and South America, Europe, Asia and Africa, and has offered concerts in prestigious halls in more than thirty countries. Several of his recordings are considered among the best recordings of the year, as noted in the Argentinean and international press that specializes in guitar music. Some of his prolific musical compositions have been edited in Argentina, Belgium, Costa Rica, and France. Juan Falú remains a vital musical force in his community, where he directs the festival Guitars of the World, considered the largest international event in its genre. He also teaches in the Manuel de Falla Conservatory, in Buenos Aires, where he has created the first curricula for Folklore and Tango.