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Jorge Scibona, professionally known as Jorge Morel, was born in Buenos Aires on May 9, 1931. Jorge began playing guitar at 7 years old under his father, and would eventually go on to study at the Academy of Professor Pablo Escobar. After graduating, Morel accompanied Escobar on radio shows and concerts in Argentina. Morel was invited to play in Ecuador, Colombia, and Cuba, and eventually Puerto Rico, where he met his future wife, Olga. While in Puerto Rico, Vladimir Bovri, the President of the New York Classical Guitar Society, heard Morel’s performances and would eventually pave the way for Jorge to play Carnegie Hall. Morel moved to New York City, where he studied composition with Rudy Schramm and collaborated with jazz legends Errol Garner, Dizzy Gillespie, Stan Kenton, and Herbie Mann, and befriended Chet Atkins. Over his life, Jorge Morel recorded many albums, toured the United States and Canada, and gave thousands of concerts internationally. Legendary classical guitarist Jorge Morel passed away on February 10, 2021 in Florida at the age of 89. The Maestro left a legacy that exceeds a hundred of his own compositions, more than sixty transcriptions and arrangements for the guitar, apart from an estimate that exceeds 5,000 concerts that capture unforgettable memories for all of us who were lucky enough to witness. His human condition that characterized him, will remain in the memory of all who knew him, he conquered many souls with his very accessible personality, his generosity, a knowing how to behave and an overflowing and unnecessary humility.