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Iranian composer and improviser Golfam Khayam’s music is described by Al Jazeera as “innovative art.” Golfam was born and grew up in Tehran. She has won numerous competitions, scholarships, and prizes, and collaborated with a variety of artists and groups including Stephan Schmidt, Copenhagen Guitar Ensemble, William Kanengiser, and more. Golfam has appeared extensively as composer and performer, and her music is performed and featured worldwide. She actively gives workshops on improvisation, synthesis, and cross culture fusion in contemporary music. She holds a Master of Music from the College-Conservatory of Music, University of Cincinnati and continued her studies at the HEMGE in Switzerland with her tutor Dusan Bogdanovic. She also acquired a degree of Interprétation Specialisée Solist and a Master of Composition, and furthered her compositional studies at the Geneva University. Currently, Golfam Khayam is Assistant Professor at Art University in Tehran.