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Fred Hamilton is a Professor Emeritus at the University of North Texas, where he taught jazz guitar and improvisation. He grew up in Denver, studied guitar with Jim Atkins, played guitar in the NORAD Band in Colorado Springs and went to the University of Northern Colorado for Bachelor and Master of Music degrees in composition. He also was on the faculty at Bowling Green State University and St. Francis Xavier in Nova Scotia. Some of the artists Fred has recorded with are Art Lande, Spike Robinson, Rob Mullins, David Friesen, Ed Soph, Dan Haerle, Kenny Wheeler, Marc Seales, Shelly Berg, Ndgu Chancellor, Lou Fischer, Pat Coil, Steve Houghton for labels which include Rabbit Ears Entertainment, Capri Records, Origin Records, Summit Records and North Texas Jazz. In 2022 he began a project of writing and filming video jazz guitar books published by Guitar by Masters. Other music, books and collaborative works are published by UNC Jazz Press, Mel Bay Publications and Alfred Music.