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樊菲儿 (Fan Feier) is a Chinese guitarist who performs as a guest performer at the China National Symphony Orchestra and the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra. She was enlightened by Chen Zhi, finished her Bachelor's degree with Denis Azabagić, and got her graduate degree from the Manhattan School of Music, where she was honored with the Segovia Augustin reward, working with David Starobin. During her school period, she had many solo concerts at Ganz Hall in Chicago and Miller Concert Hall in New York. She was invited to hold concerts with Beijing Four Angels in Japan and also at GFA. Since 2019, with his husband 谢予迟 (Xie Yuchi), they have been playing concerts known as A.Duo (AnonymDuo) in different cities in China. According to David Starobin, “Miss Feier is a virtuoso guitarist with exceptional talent and performance abilities. She is a very special musician and deserves great success in the music world.”