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Elena graduated with full marks from the Italian conservatorio "G.B.Pergolesi" in Fermo (AP) majoring in classical guitar. Subsequently, she undertook postgraduate study specialising in Musical Interpretation. During this period Elena was awarded a number of prestigious prizes for her study and performances, including the Best Student of the Year, Conservatorio "G.B.Pergolesi" for two years in a row, and a diploma from Mexico's University of Veracruz for a series of solo concerts. Elena has subsequently graduated with a Master of Arts degree at the prestigious Musikakademie der Stadt Basel in Basel, Switzerland. Elena has taken part to numerous master classes with world famous musicians such as David Russell, Marco Socias, Stephan Schmidt, Pavel Steidl, Alberto Ponce, Jorge Cardoso, Roland Dyens, Fabio Zanon, Raphaella Smits, Marcello Rivelli. During an interview, after a master class in Fermo (Italy), Alberto Ponce talked about Elena as "the next rising star of the classical guitar world". Elena's career comprises performances both as a soloist and as a chamber musician in Italy, Spain, Germany, Swizzerland and Mexico.