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Ehsan Daneshbod was born in 1986 in Tabriz, Iran. He graduated with a Master of Arts degree in music performance from the University of Art in Tehran in 2022, with a thesis titled “Mapping Neo-Riemannian Transformations on the Guitar Fretboard”. He has taken lessons from various renowned musicians including Afshin Torabi, Golfam Khayam, Ali Rahmjoo, Aniello Desiderio, Nikita Koshkin, Zoran Dukic, Marcin Dylla, and Kagan Korad. Besides some solo recitals, Ehsan has performed several concerts as a founding member of the Cedar Guitar Quartet. He has taken part in several international music festivals such as Istanbul Guitar Festival, Fajr International Music Festival, and Caspian Guitar Festival. Ehsan has also participated in several orchestral music performances as a cellist with Hengam Orchestra, conducted by Ali Rahmjoo. He has taught classical guitar since 2009 and has been teaching at the University of Applied Sciences & Technology of Iran since 2020.