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Daniel Boyer began studying guitar at the École Normale de Musique Marguerite-Bourgeois. He was later accepted in the class of Antonin Bartos, a strict teacher who had a lasting influence on the pedagogy he is still applying to this day in France. While he was teaching in the Lachine Conservatory, which he did for 14 years, he started to compose his first pieces of music, dedicated to students, which included Patrick Kearney. It is the latter who, once a well-known soloist, sent the manuscripts to the publisher Sylvain Lemay. It has been the beginning of a fruitful collaboration, Daniel having published all his works with Les Productions d’OZ. Even though his thoughts are still in Quebec, Daniel Boyer teaches in France (Ardèche) since 1999 . For him, composing is an essential complement to pedagogy, and is necessary to his activities as a guitarist.