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Born in Paysandú, Uruguay in 1982, Cecilia Siqueira comes from a family of several important musicians. Her parents, Julio Siqueira and Raquel Franco, both guitar teachers, headed Cecilia for the world of music at an early age. By 15 years old, she already conquered the first prize in a national competition for guitar. She began performing at various Uruguayan venues and appearing on TV. She won first prize at the International Guitar Competition Pro-Música/SESC in Caxias do Sul, and then released her first solo album in Germany. She began a prolific international career, traveling through South America, Europe, and the United States. Since 2003, she lived in São Paolo, Brazil, where she began a guitar duo with Fernando de Lima. As a duo, they have recorded multiple albums and toured worldwide. Cecilia regularly teaches masterclasses in various universities in the United States and Europe.