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Brad Richter took an unusual path to his career as a composer, touring artist and co-founder of Lead Guitar, a not-for-profit that provides free arts education to thousands of young people in disenfranchised communities throughout the United States. Richter’s legacy as a performer includes nearly one-thousand concerts in North America and Europe and innumerable appearances on NPR’s Performance Today. An avid collaborator, his long-term touring partners were cellist Viktor Uzur, with whom Brad recorded three critically acclaimed albums as the Richter Uzur Duo, and guitarist Carlos Bonell, his teacher at the Royal College of Music. A run as solo accompanist for the Grammy-winning Phoenix Chorale and composing Navigating Lake Bonneville, a concert-length work for choir, guitar, percussion, cello, soprano and narrator commissioned by Weber State University stand out in terms of his project-based collaborations. Broadway legend Ben Vereen and Grammy-winners the Pacifica Quartet and David Finckel are among those who have premiered his compositions and arrangements.