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With great precision and gentle passion, Boško Jović brings a new touch to the world of classical guitar. Boško Jović graduated from the Music Academy Sarajevo Department of Musicology in 2004, and the Department of Solo Guitar in Music Academy E. Sarajevo in 2006, studying under professor Zoran Krajisnik. He finished his postgraduate study with professor Alexander Swete in the Music Academy in Sarajevo in 2010. He continues his education by participating in different seminars (such as with Egberto Gismonti and Leo Brouwer), and he works with distinguished professors of guitar such as Mila Rakanovic, Denis Azabagic, Martin Myslavicek and others. As a soloist of the Chamber Symphony Orchestra Zenica, Jović has been performing since 1994, and he has performed several times as a soloist of the Orchestra "2007" and the Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra. He has recorded guitar for several movie soundtracks.